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Storage: In room temperature the shelf life is about 2 years. Harvest as of in-season, umbrella-shaped, dried, cap 2-7 cm, stem around 2 cm, no worm, no mould, root cut, no foreign materials.

Like lone aristocrats, morels break earth long before most other edible mushrooms. A morel of the same specie may appear in various colors : reddish, gray, black, ashen, or brown. Because of its appearance, the morel is sometimes called "The Sponge Mushroom".

Morels are rare, and only found in the spring, making them less available (and more unique) than other mushrooms species. These tasty and somewhat interesting-looking mushrooms have an elongated shape, resembling a dry and indented pinecone, reminiscent of a sponge in texture and feel. The intensity and character of the morel flavor is not lost in drying. Morels should be fully cooked to enjoy all its flavors and aromas.

A classic dish: Morels braised in butter and deglazed with Madeira. Pair with omelets, chicken, red meat or use in soups and sauces. Soak in warm water for approximately 30 minutes before use.
Throughout the year. (Please confirm)

Special Quality: Size 2-5 cm with maximum 10% below 2 cm, with tails fully clipped.
Extra Quality: Size 1-6 cm with tails maximum 2 cm but sandbags clipped.
Standard Quality: Size 1-6 cm with full natural tails but sandbags clipped.
Minis: Size below 2 cm with tails fully clipped.

Shipment: By air

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Morel mushrooms are a very distinctive variety of mushroom found in woodlands where there is moist soil. Although Morel mushrooms require cooking before they can be eaten, they make a delicious and healthful addition to any recipes that call for mushrooms. Morel mushrooms, like many mushrooms, have many health benefits associated with their consumption.

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